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Active Quests:

Malfoy Mischief

  • Scorpius Malfoy has smuggled a doxie out of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and hopes to raise it as a pet
  • The doxie, named Lesath (‘Sting’), has gone into a chrysalis phase
  • Scorpius has also smuggled a kelpie colt into the school in an old suitcase and is raising it in a bathtub in a derelict bathroom on the second floor.
  • Hagrid has instructed Scorpius to sing to the kelpie to get it calm and feed it only on the night of the new moon.

Murtlap Infestation

  • The school is infested with murtlaps which can be captured and turned into Hagrid for golf or Nibs and Pitch for house points
  • What is causing the infestation?

Quidditch Captain

  • Sassle Baily-Bunch is campaigning to be the new Slytherin quidditch captain.
  • Dennis Clott is also up for the position and is doing his best to make Sassle look like an ineffective leader
  • Adeline was nominated by Dennis to be captain, but why?


  • Survived an encounter with the werewolf Shortsnout while searching for Torig the goblin king rebel on Halloween
  • Learned that Shortsnout, Lloyd Sanford, was pushed out of the pack by leader Marrow
  • Discovered that the werewolves are squatting on land sacred to the centaurs
  • Marrow has killed the foal of Io, the lemonsilla Centaur
  • Discovered Gryffindor first-year Barnabas Toftly is Marrow’s nephew
  • Prof Fibian has been a werewolf named Hemlock who fled the pack when Marrow murdered her partner and took control of the pack
  • Convinced Hemlock to return to the pack and fight against Marrow
  • Ministry has sent officials to help deescalate the rising conflict

Completed Quests: (Order Completed)

Diagon Alley

  • Encountered Potters at Ollivanders
  • Encountered Granger-Weasleys at Flourish and Blotts
  • Recovered a lost hat for Knob, the House Elf
  • Delivered Dried Purple Toad Spawn to Slug and Jiggers, encountered Prof Tonks
  • Herded Puffing Palm Rats back into cage at the Magical Menagerie
  • Delivered a message to Teddy Lupin outside of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Hogwarts Express

  • Became acquainted with Edith Owler
  • Discovered and returned a manuscript for the Voyager’s Wand book series

Strange Bites

  • Learned that Prof Elbridge is a vampire
  • Captured a large albino bat named Fifi in bowels of Hogwarts
  • Returned Fifi to famed artist Bogomil Chilikov

Torig the Goblin King Rebel

  • Hunted down the goblin king hiding in a Snargaluff plant

Dragon Pox

  • Recruited by Headmaster Flitwick to complete Albus Dumbledore’s work
  • Recovered lost memory vial from the Great Bowtruckle Tree
  • Solved the riddles of the Shrouded Specter of the Clock Tower
  • Located the missing formula on the back of the portrait of Paracelsus

The Scott Sisters

  • Discovered the cursed bracelet the Scott sisters brought to Hogwarts
  • Researched how to destroy cursed items
  • Secured Bundimun Queen acid from infested school bathroom
  • Learned comedy routine from the Fat Friar
  • Calmed the Banshee and disposed of the bracelet in the Black Lake

Ghost Writer

  • Learned that Prof Purcell’s writing partner is none other than the Shrouded Specter
  • Discover the Specter had lost the memory of who he was in life
  • Learn that he is former Headmaster Himmirod Vulpus
  • Located Vulpus’ memory vial in the Headmaster’s office
  • Used the vial to restore the Specter’s memories

Nargles who Stole Christmas

  • Learned of new student, Lumine
  • Discovered that their present had been stolen
  • Followed the trail to the sub-basement storage and confronted the Nargles

Pity Purcell

  • Prof Purcell was attacked and lying in a coma with all the evidence pointing to Slytherin first-year Edith Owler
  • Edith Owler’s name was cleared and the guilty party was captured

The Furies

  • Harriet Owler and her cohorts Donna Mason and Theodore Greymire Jr have big plans.
  • Harriet’s plans were foiled! Almost becoming the victim of the banshee she released, Harriet was saved at the last moment!
  • Harriet was expelled but her cohorts remain!

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