Edith Owler

Frumpy, freckled, ginger.


Edith Owler is stocky, broad shouldered and highly freckled with frizzy red hair and pug like features. She has a thick Irish accent and is socially awkward, clinging onto any peers who show her even a sliver of acceptance. She’s a fan of wizard rock, her favorite band is The Hanged Men, and while she isn’t the greatest at spell work she is always down for adventure.


Edith is the only child of a muggle-born witch and a muggle father. Her father died when she was young and in time her mother remarried a pure-blood wizard with a daughter of his own. Harriet, Edith’s older step-sister, tortured her when they were children.

Once, Harriet replaced Edith’s hair smoothing potion with stink sap. She also used a vial of her father’s shrinking solution to make all of Edith’s clothes two sizes too small. There was also that one time she convinced Edith that she’d found nest of fairies only to knock her headlong into a den of vicious bowtruckles.

More recently, she attempted to prevent Edith from attending Hogwarts by hiding her acceptance letter only to find that it had somehow unhid itself and made its way into Edith’s breakfast, baked right into her pancakes.

Harriet disliked Edith and her mother, not only for splitting her father’s attention but for having muggle relatives. Harriet’s problematic behavior and bullying peaked last year when she, while possessed by the baleful spirit of an entrapped banshee, attempted to kill a Hogwarts professor and frame Edith.

Luckily for Edith, her new friends helped clear her name and captured her sister. Now in her second year and out from under her sister’s thumb, Edith plans to apply herself to her magical training and has aspirations to become a tough-as-nails Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch Team.

Edith Owler

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