The Shrouded Specter

An ominous ghost with a shrouded face


The shrouded specter is an unfriendly apparition dressed in sweeping robes with his facial features shrouded in the shadow of an upturned hood. His presence is menacing to those unfortunate enough to encounter him.


In life he knew himself as Himmirod Vulpus, former headmaster of Hogwarts.

He was well known for his love of riddles and ability to tell captivating stories. He had a fondness for the written word and worked as a ghost writer alongside many famous wizarding authors. The early years of his career as headmaster were marked with many high notes including his expansion of the school’s library to include classic muggle literature.

The later half of his career took an abrupt downward turn after the death of his wife and daughter at sea. He grew cold and miserly, gaining infamy among the staff and board of governors by reinstating medieval punishments for rule breakers. He died old and alone, disliked by many, choosing to stay behind as a ghost.

In his afterlife, his dismal attitude and dislike of children lead to him being confined to the clock tower by Albus Dumbledore, shortly after he took over the role of headmaster. Instead of banishing him from the grounds altogether, Dumbledore kept him around as he knew valuable alchemical secrets.

Striking up a friendship with the school’s librarian, Lobellia Purcell, he began working with her as a ghost writer for her series of romance novels called ‘The Voyagers Wand’. As a result of their close working relationship, the shrouded specter began to fall in love with the living Professor Purcell. This unrequited postmortem love caused the specter to begin loosing the memories of who he was in life. Unable to recall who he was and loosing his ability to write, he avoided Lobellia until his memories were resorted.

With the help of a nosy group of Slytherin students, he was able to provide information on the secret ingredients needed to create a working vaccine for dragon pox. These students also helped restore his lost memories which lead to the recovery of his lost manuscript ‘Deadly Amortentia’ which he gifted to Professor Purcell. With his memories restored and his bonds released, the specter was able to once again roam the castle grounds.

The Shrouded Specter

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