Scorpius Malfoy

White-blonde hair and a pale pointed face.


Shorter than his peers, Scorpius is pale with pale blonde hair and a narrow, somewhat pinched, face. Perhaps a bit sickly or frail, he tends to keep to himself and is what some might call anti-social.


Quiet and bookish, Scorpius is a bit of a social outcast due to his family’s ties to Voldemort’s second coming. Growing up he never had real friends and was never allowed to keep pets and so he buried himself in the many books of the Malfoy Manor library.

During his first year, he kept a low profile but drew the attention of the players when he successfully smuggled a doxy nymph out of the DADA classroom. When encountered in Diagon Alley before the start of his second year, it seems the doxy is fully grown and Scorpius has plans for something big.

Scorpius Malfoy

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