Lobelia Purcell

Petite witch with lime-green hair, large round glasses and pastel robes.


Short and thin with lime-green hair, large round glasses and flamboyant pastel pink robes. Quite shy and soft-spoken, she spends most of her time in the school library.

Born:Spring, 1978
Alias:Ulric Le Bapello
Hair:Lime Green

Lobelia Purcell

Former copy editor at Witch Weekly and current librarian at Hogwarts. She is a squib with a profound love of the written word and is the secret author of The Voyager’s Wand series of sappy romance novels. During her career at Hogwarts she worked closely as writing partners with the shrouded specter of the clock tower until he went missing, causing her to have a terrible case of writer’s block while under a tight deadline.

With the help of a band of Slytherin students, she was able to overcome her writer’s block and meet her deadline, releasing the specter’s lost manuscript Deadly Amortentia as the dramatic conclusion to the series. Shortly after this success, she was attacked and nearly killed by a student possessed by the vengeful spirit of an entrapped banshee. Once the student was cornered and the banshee was released from its curse, Professor Purcell made a full recovery.

Taking her writing career in a new direction, she decided to begin writing investigative journalism instead of fiction. She has also offered to help revive the Hogwarts school newspaper by acting as the faculty adviser to a group of enterprising Slytherins.

Lobelia Purcell

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