Isaac Drace

Tall and athletic with dark wavy hair and freckles.


Quidditch: Slytherin Captain and Seeker

While not known for his academic prowess, Isaac has proven his metal on the Quidditch Pitch and has seen the Slytherin house team to two cup victories. Now captain in his 7th year, Isaac has set himself up nicely for a Quidditch scholarship post Hogwarts.

Formerly dating Sassle Bailey-Bunch, a sixith-year and teammate, Isaac dumped Sassle and kicked her off the team when she accused their teammate Harriet Owler, star beater, of plotting against the Hufflepuff team.

It is unclear as to why Isaac sided with Harriet over his girlfriend. Sassle was replaced with Dennis Clott, a sixth-year Slytherin Prefect. Despite the mid-season substitution, the Slytherin team has performed well and will likely make it to the finals.

Isaac Drace

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