Harriet Owler

Tall, pale and pretty.


Harriet Owler is tall with long black hair and blue eyes. She is pale with clear skin and a slender upturned nose.


Harriet Owler, a former Slytherin, is the daughter of pureblood wizard Ramus Owler and step-sister to Edith Owler. She greatly enjoyed tormenting her stepsister because of her mixed-blood heritage and disliked her stepmother for being muggle-born.

Harriet was the ‘leader’ of a clique of fifth-year students known as the Furies and was a Beater on the Slytherin Quidditch team.

Atfer making enemies with the party of players, Harriet’s hair turned white in a prank gone wrong. White hair didn’t stop Harriet from carrying out her plans to get rid of the squib librarian and her meddling sister. Stealing a cursed bracelet from Professor Tonk’s office, Harriet tried to frame her sister for an attack on the librarian. Ultimately the players foiled Harriet’s plans and she was expelled from Hogwarts and sent away to Primpkinā€™s Institute for Troubled Girls in Leeds.

None outside of her family have heard from her since.

Harriet Owler

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